What's in a name?

We have seen how people have a strong affinity for, and display great loyalty to, their own local town or city.

We have now come to realise the importance of harnessing this "town brand" recognition in gaining local acceptance for our new technology.

Originally we had wanted to brand our new suite of digital high street products with our Rewarding Visits name.

But, we have changed our minds! We are now making it possible for each town to use their own name, as they wish. Their local app, card, Touchpoints and website can all be locally branded.

It is a straightforward marketing proposition for SampleTown's locals to pick up a SampleTown card, go to sampletown.co.uk or download the SampleTown App - all "powered by Rewarding Visits".

So, in the coming weeks, look out for news of suttoncard.com, the I-Love-Mansfield App and the GLCard Touchpoints.

All are powered by Rewarding Visits, and all will be instantly recognisable by the people of Sutton, Mansfield and Gloucester.