What's in the Digital High Street pack?

If you are a BID, Council or town team, you've probably have already seen dozens of emails, received a handful of brochures and seen a couple of presentations promising digital solutions for your high street.

But the question you are itching to ask, the one kept until the end, is "How much will it cost?".

There then follows a long explanation about " how it depends on a number of factors" and "why it is subject to survey" and "open to negotiation". This is all shorthand for one thing, a lot!

And that is not surprising, as all tech businesses need to recoup their R&D investment.

However it is different with Rewarding Visits as we publish our prices on the product sheets, so you'll know right from the start.

For example, our Local Package costs just £39 per month with a minimum one year subscription. This includes your own-named website, app, cards and a management dashboard.

Why such good value? Well, we were fortunate enough to win the Innovate UK Reimagining the High Street competition from over 400 other competitors, and this provided over £1M of R&D funds to help us develop, test and refine the right system for high street teams like yours.

It has been developed with the help of a town marketing team and two BIDs. It is already working in three towns, for 14,000 members and 300 retailers. It is designed for BIDS like you, by BIDS like you.

Want to know more?

Download the Local Product Sheet here, or drop us a line at sales@rewardingvisits.com and we can have a chat.

Local Digital High Street Package