VoucherPoint® - it does exactly what it says on the tin

Today we are pleased to announce that our innovative all-in-one touchscreen and digital display screen kiosk will now be marketed as a VoucherPoint®.

Each VoucherPoint® can be vinyl wrapped and placed in popular public locations. Each can display the range of offers available in a town, mall or retailer. Anyone can browse and view the offers they fancy.

By using an ID texted to their mobile, or displayed on their app or card, customers can unlock the VoucherPoint® and print offers as vouchers.

Each VoucherPoint®comes complete with an own-brandable app and website which display the newest and most popular vouchers, the hottest trending offers.

Vouchers are easy for any retailer or business to accept and process, the codes needed to process existing coupons or vouchers can be replicated on a VoucherPoint® voucher for acceptance at the till.

A VoucherPoint® dispenses Vouchers. So, with acknowledgment to Ronseal, " it does exactly what it says on the tin".

What it doesn't say on the tin, is that you will also know who printed off every voucher and be able to market to them, again.