When you've gotta go...

The latest Touchpoint we installed for the Sutton Card, on behalf of the town centre's BID, is situated in the local Wetherspoons, right next to the toilets, upstairs!

Ideally we wanted to place it on the ground floor, but a quick survey with the manager revealed no suitable wall space or spare electricity sockets. So, having carried it up the stairs, is the first floor going to be the right place to catch the attention of drinkers on their way to and from the loos, or not?

Well, time will tell, but our first indications are that this is a great place. It seems that "when you've gotta go, you've gotta go"and usage of the Touchpoints was immediate and has been sustained, at all times of day: from 8am breakfast discounts into the evening for the "coffee with a meal" deal.

In addition to some Wetherspoons' own deals, the Sutton Card also offers cardholders offers on shopping, salons, entertainment and eating out, so we were really intrigued to discover where Wetherspoons' customers wanted to go next!

The answer is....well, just about anywhere for shopping and salons, but Wetherspoons is the only place for them for eating or drinking out.

It is great to see that they are really happy, loyal, customers of their local pub. The local management are to be applauded for playing their part in boosting the local Sutton Card usage, and for hosting a Touchpoint, even by the toilets!

In return, the Sutton BID have been happy to run a series of digital adverts specifically for Wetherspoons, not only on their Touchpoint, but the other community terminals around town too.

It is no surprise that this combination of hosting a Touchpoint, and offering great deals, has boosted this popular town centre pub to the No.1 Slot in Vouchers printed. That's a relief!