The Touchpoints are coming for Gloucester's new GL Card

For the past few months we have been working with team at Marketing Gloucester to plan the launch of their new GL Card.


Replacing the current Residents Card, the new GL Card will be circulated more widely. It includes a unique Rewarding Visits code which will give cardholders access to exclusive offers and events at Touchpoints across the City.

Touchpoints are new interactive kiosks displaying offers from local businesses and dispensing vouchers. They will be GL Card branded and sited in busy places such as the three main shopping malls of Eastgate, King's Walk and Gloucester Quays, the Market Hall, the Tourist Information Centre, the Council, the College and University buildings.

In addition to the Touchpoints, Rewarding Visits is also providing the companion GL App which will also act as a card at the Touchpoints.

Gloucester businesses will be able to advertise online, on mobile and in-town using the GL Touchpoints and GL app.