Mansfield.. Hosting by Numbers

This week we held a great meeting with the Mansfield BID and four fantastic host locations, that have volunteered for the forthcoming I Love Mansfield Touchpoints.

Every one of these locations is on our most wanted list: each having that combination of public access, dwell time and passing numbers of people.

The busy Bus Station is brand new and "state of the art", so our Touchpoint will be right at home with its digital display and high brightness touch sensitive screen. The College atrium is similarly hi-tech, where thousands of students mill about daily between lectures.

The Library is situated in busy West Gate and is a really popular place for locals, while the central location in the Four Seasons Shopping Centre promises 180,000 passing footfall on a weekly basis.

This very high profile quartet of Touchpoints promises a flying start for the launch of the all new I Love Mansfield card in January.