Track Customers from Ad to Store - new for RBTE 2017

As a retailer, how do you see what ads work best, and which channels are most responsive in driving business into your high street store? How do you connect with your anonymous customers who visit, and those who don't show up?

We announce: Rewarding Visits Quick Link

Choose your keyword for each ad, and Quick Link will text a unique ID code to each prospective customer on their mobile. They can then use this to redeem your offer, with their data captured on your Touchpoint or Tablet in store.


A customer can then use their mobile number as an interim ID each time they return, giving you opportunities to upsell to join with full membership.

Not only can you see who responds to each ad and who returns again, but you can contact those who don't show up!

Quick Link is being launched at RBTE 2017 Olympia 8th and 9th May on Stand 1613

Why not Text REDEEM to 88802 now, and bring your mobile along and see how it works on a Touchpoint on the stand.

Quick Link Product Sheet (