Even though it was busy at the weekend...

....it's all gone quiet now. So what can we do?

Restaurants and pubs have told us that when it is Christmas, or a holiday, or a Friday night on pay day, it can be three deep at the bar and a waiting list for a table.

But they fear the quieter days, the wet Tuesday evening and the slow lunchtime on a cold February weekday. With staff to pay and the rent and rates to cover, they tell us it is a real challenge to fill the bar and seat more people around their tables.

We have set up Rewarding Visits to help. We wanted a simple and low cost way for entrepreneurial retailers to incentivise visiting customers to register in the busy times.

We know how online businesses can contact their customers digitally, with tactical offers at a time to suit. We wanted to extend this capability for shops, pubs and cafes too.

Rewarding Visits for Business