Enhancing in-store experiences, in partnership with Barclays Bank

We held our first exploratory session this week with our challenge partner, Barclays Bank, and look forward to working with them over the next year.

The number of traditional transactions in a bank is falling fast, as we adopt online and mobile ways to carry out tasks that only recently required a personal visit to a branch.

So how to provide great customer experiences in the branch to those reluctant to "go digital", when all it now takes is a quick online action?

How to address the problems of queuing for an adviser, only to discover that you didn't need an adviser in the first place?

What is the role of the high street banking hall nowadays, other than a large and expensive room full of automated machinery? Are there innovative ways that mean a bank can use its premises to help other businesses within its local community?

These challenges are truly fascinating, and we are relishing the opportunity of developing our Touchpoints as we suggest solutions for some of these issues, over the coming months.