Cardboard Engineering

We are the first to admit for a tech company, that it really is not very "hi-tech" to use cardboard in product development. But that is what our technical developers did, in order to assess the optimum size and dimensions of our new Touchpoints.

We had used 3D simulator software to come up with a look and design for our prototype manufacturer, but something was missing... how big is it?

The answer lay in turning large sheets of cardboard into a number of full sized cardboard mock-ups of shortlisted designs.

When we carried the cardboard replica into the prototype manufacturer's workshop, there was some laughter.

However a couple of week's later when we returned, we were intrigued to see that they had also built their own cardboard model to help fix a problem with how the door opened. They had found it easier ( and cheaper) to build it in cardboard and packing tape, than to build a 3 D CAD CAM model.

When the finished prototype is delivered, we are confident that our cardboard modelling have helped us get to an optimum size and design.