Can you tell what it is yet?

Two years ago we thought it might be a cool idea to link digital signage to our Rewarding Visits network.

So many people had told us that they like to use their contactless cards in town, but didn't know where they could use them.

"What if?", we thought, "what if we could link a digital sign to Rewarding Visits to display nearby places to go, latest offers and then dispense vouchers?"

We decided to go for it, and here we are on the verge of seeing it come to reality.

Right now, all an unsuspecting public can see is a pair of cables coming out of a wall in the central square of the Gracechurch Centre.

Next week we install a 55" High Brightness Digital Screen and our new Touchpoint, side by side.

For retailers in town it means they can now advertise in a place and way they never could normally afford. By dispensing vouchers, they can also connect directly with their customers using them.

And it all starts next week... not long now.