Our BID has been a real catalyst for us

We are enjoying working with the Sutton Coldfield Town Centre BID.

For those not in the know, a BID is a Business Improvement District. It is a collection of levy-paying businesses that has formed an association to improve its town centre.

Using the levy, the local businesses have a direct say on how the money is spent, and this can involve ideas to promote the town centre for retailers, and increase footfall.

The BID in our home town has introduced us to people and businesses, and been able to make "things happen" as a result. This is something that would have been really difficult to do if setting out on our own.

We liken our BID to a catalyst: it has been bringing about a change in the town using the resources already available.

A BID only has a life of 5 years. At the end of each term in office it has to submit itself for re-election, and it is in the hands of the business levy payers if it is to continue. This is democracy in action, and an active BID that brings about real demonstrable change in a town is far more likely to be voted back in than one that hasn't.

By using Rewarding Visits, the Sutton BID can now communicate digitally with over 5,000 town centre users and gain insight into their demographic make-up. They have been able to help local businesses run promotions, connect with visiting customers and raise awareness in the town centre for new businesses and local events.


We are grateful for Sutton Coldfield BID's help in securing Innovate UK backing for our Touchpoint project. We are looking forward to launching the Touchpoints with them this Summer.

Re-election time

Our BID is up for re-election this year. We are confident that local retailers will recognise the promotional efforts made on their behalf, along with the Christmas lights, street cleaning and faster business broadband.

Click here to find out how our BID works within the local community. Sutton Coldfield BID